Online poker vs sports betting

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online poker vs sports betting

Posters' Poll: Top Sportsbooks. View New Posts. Posts : Betpoints : More profitable: Poker or sports betting I know it obviously depends on one's skill set between the two, but let's say we had your average person with average skills in both areas. Which one has the best chance of profit if he is going against the top tier?
  • Online Poker vs Sports Betting
  • Washington Sports Betting Sites & Online Poker & Casino Guide
  • More profitable: Poker or sports betting
  • Bankroll Management and Profit Potential
  • Poker vs Sports Betting Chances of Winning
  • online poker vs sports betting

    GPP players sometimes try to avoid this by making unorthodox contrarian picks, making it less likely that others will share their exact lineup. The psychology, then, comes into play while trying to predict which players others will choose. One of the best ways to get a feel for public sentiment is to keep tabs on some of the major sports discussion forums.

    Online Poker vs Sports Betting

    Many people openly discuss their picks, and you can adjust your lineups accordingly. Not all data are created online, and identifying the most relevant stats for your sport is crucial to finding success in sports betting. This might be most apparent in baseball, which has a larger and more diverse body of data than any other sport.

    There are various sites that give sports player projections. Instead of relying on any one site, the best way to use this information sports to combine them in a spreadsheet to create aggregate projections.

    Aggregate projections have been shown to outperform the vast majority of individual projections. Another very data heavy sport is basketball, with poker pro Haralabob Voulgaris famous for using mathematic models to bet on the NBA. Rakeback increases your winnings from online poker as you continually earn money back from every raked hand or tournament you betting. Many players earn a living wage from rakeback alone. The calculator will compute your expected daily, weekly, and monthly cash back depending on the stakes and tables you input.

    First up, you probably know them already poker PokerTracker and Holdem Manager are by far the most popular poker tools — but may not have heard the two companies recently merged.

    Washington Sports Betting Sites & Online Poker & Casino Guide

    Read more…. Many of Rakeback. This poler turn boosts rakeback earnings. SB is more scalable but the vast majority over-estimate its scalability. Posts : 13, Nomination s :. This post was nominated 2 times. To view the nominated thread please click here.

    More profitable: Poker or sports betting

    People who nominated: MadTiger, and berting. Reply With Quote 2. Posts : 7, You have more control over how you manage your luck in Poker. In sports gambling the best way to have control is to have inside information or enough knowledge to take the best line possible. In general I think a professional poker player makes more money, it varies from person to person gs.

    Posts : 2, I've made the switch from Poker to Sports for the same reason as some of the above. I am def more profitable at micro stakes poker, however I can make more money from sports ohline provided I build up my starting capital. I am certainly not going to be able to make the same amount of profit if I was to climb the ranks in poker.

    online poker vs sports betting

    Originally Posted by Ruifgalmeida. Not sports is sports betting more profitable but it's better for your health. For all of you online players or multitabling nits, think of those long, grueling hour sessions where you're constantly clicking on your mouse button with several 20 oz Gatorade bottles reeking of piss and cigarette butts lined up on the floor. Just a terrible way to live and gamble. How can you compare this to the convenience of placing a bet on your iphone on the way to work, or chilling on the sofa while you break open an ice poker 6-pack sports watch your favorite sports channel?

    Originally Posted by kpoutlaw. For me, sports betting because I suck at poker and learning betting develops almost no skills that can be transferred over to online employment, online is necessary when you're as bad as I am. Plus, I find myself intensely hating all my opponents at the poker table and gradually turning into a monster. Originally Posted by Betting Believe it or not my longer sports betting sessions have been longer than my longest poker sessions.

    If your betting sports in high or even moderate volume - your not sitting on the couch with a six pack - your pretty much grinding it like you would poker to get as much money into play as possible.

    Again your pushing very small edges poker poker. To each his own.

    Bankroll Management and Profit Potential

    Poker has been way more profitable to me than sportsbetting. Originally Posted by ProphetofProfit. Original poster, There are some great responses in here. Very smart people can master sports betting and can guarantee profit over the long term. The same goes for poker, but it will always be a huge time commitment and greater risk in my opinion.

    Since you asked about the "average" person, my advice may be more applicable. I have always had a full time career in finance so I betting never truly mastered poker or sportsbetting, they are both hobbies, so I consider myself average. I have been playing poker for about 7 years. From - it sports like taking candy from a baby. People all over online world thought poker knew how to play poker and lost all their money. People who truly studied the game and had experience cleaned up.

    Ve only regret is that I didn't dedicate more time to the tables and player higher stakes because I literally never had a losing week. By most of the dead money dried up and it became much much soprts to win.

    The rise of online sports betting and daily fantasy sports (DFS) as multi-billion dollar industries has seen many poker vs sports betting comparisons be drawn, including parallels to the online poker boom of the early s. There are also those that worry it could share the same fate as online poker in the US. SPORTS BETTING AT SPORTSBOOK. is more than just an online betting platform. We boast a 'focus on the player' approach and have built our reputation on offering clients nothing but the best, from cutting-edge technology, enticing . Mar 26,  · More profitable: Poker or sports betting I know it obviously depends on one's skill set between the two, but let's say we had your average person with average skills in .

    These days I can still win, but it is a serious grind, and I have plenty of losing weeks. Honestly, if you are only average I would skip online poker.

    It's unhealthy to va a significant amount of time aports front of a computer or sitting at a casino table, grinding away small profit. There are still dead money games in AC, which I visit once or twice a year, but you aren't going to make serious money doing that.

    And if you really have the brains and the time to master it, the sky is the limit. If you are trying to decide which hobby to pick up, go with sportsbetting.

    Good posts indeed. I assumed sports betting would be the true answer, but opening this topic up for discussion gave me a wider range of opinions and of course, knowledge. Yes, poker has evolved dramatically the last five years or so.

    I have noticed especially on the more popular websites, i. For a second there, I thought my play was diminishing, but it was simply the public getting sharper.

    Poker vs Sports Betting Chances of Winning

    With the surge of the public fascination with poker, Hold' Em particularly has gotten sharper, leaving a negative EV for many players. I haven't tried other games, but I would guess that the small limit wages in particular for say Razz, Omaha, etc, would give one a higher EV what do you guys think? Plus, as some posts eluded to, hours sitting at the same table with no change of scenery can ultimately lead to boredom, which can cause one to make hasty decisions, become impatient, fatigued, and ultimately get into a risky situation with a significant amount of bankroll on the line ala "ALL IN".

    With sports betting, what I love is there is so much transpiring at once. If you lose one game, it's on to another game, with a different atmosphere and feel, leading imo to more excitement, entertainment, and pleasure, along with many other components.

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