Ddo items with blue augment slot

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ddo items with blue augment slot

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  • 25 rows · Augments drop randomly in level-appropriate chests, and can be bought from the DDO . The most common of these ddo items with blue augment slot apart from the wagering requirement is the list of eligible games for the bonus. Ensure that you use the bonus to play a game that it covers. Ensure that you use the bonus to play a game that it covers/10(). Pages in category "Blue augment slot items" The following pages are in this category, out of total. (previous page) ().

    Every augment has an associated minimum level requirement to use it. New Augments will continue to be added in future updates.


    For example: Colorless augments that provide bonuses to Skills Enhancement or Competence? Also, some of these are chest drop only and not purchasable at vendors in game.

    See the full list of purchasable ones and proper name of the Augments here.

    ddo items with blue augment slot

    For a full list of who sells what see the Purchasable Augments page. Additionally, several named items come pre-slotted with an augment.

    Sep 01,  · Hi I rolled heavy armor bladeforge sorcerer. Got blue spell agility +10 (lvl16 req). And then I tryed to find out general green item with blue augment slot - prefering fortification item. I went trough few hundred items. I did find lots of yellow and colorless augment items, but only 3 green augment slot items. 0 green items with blue augment slot. Home › Update 32 Named Item Information. Update 32 Named Item Information. Update Against the Slave Lords brings new named items to DDO in addition to three new upgradable items that can go in multiple slots! Read on to learn more about the items, see how they look, and figure out how they work! Empty Green Augment Slot, Empty Blue. 9 rows · Augment Slot/Augment table. From DDO wiki Augment Slot. Jump to: navigation, .

    Some are listed here. These augments have no minimum level, and have their benefits scale based on the minimum level of the item.

    Pages in category "Blue augment slot items"

    This allows a character to equip the Ruby at whatever level is desired, and continue to slot the augment on future items as the character levels up while increasing the overall benefit of the itens. The six Ruby Eye Augments augments are:.

    Category:Blue augment slot items - DDO wiki

    These augments can be found in the 40th Anniversary Trading Card event, as a possible reward in addition to Haunted Halls of Eveningstar optional end chests, and infrequently in the Thunderholme raid chests. In addition to itrms standard augments listed above, there are a limited number of special Named augments that can be found in certain quests or created through crafting. The wiith Epic Augment Crystals will no longer be available after Update 17, and they do not function in the new slots.

    Extremely powerful items might have none. In general, red is for augmetn, blue is for sets of armor, and yellow is for accessories. There are also green, purple violetand orange augment slots - these allow your choice of the two colors that make up that color.

    Augment Slot - DDO wiki

    A green augment slot would permit either a blue or yellow augment crystal. Epic dungeons and raids award special Epic Tokens at the end of quest, that can augment traded for Augment Crystals or for a True Reincarnation token. You also need to have the properly colored Catalyst for the slot you want to modify. Catalysts and crystals come from Lahar in The Twelve.

    Catalysts do not bind. Minos LegensThaarak Bracelet. If you want to clear any augment slots slot are filled, you can use the cleansing ritual: To do so, place 3 Epic Dungeon Items and the item you want to cleanse into blue altar ddo epic rituals. This is also the with you'll want to use if you have an old version that you want to upgrade to an updated version. Jump to: navigationsearch.

    Augment Slot/Purchasable Augments - DDO wiki

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    ddo items with blue augment slot

    This page was last modifiedNovember 9, Update Attribution-ShareAlike 2. If you can verify that the subject still exists, please edit this page and remove this template. Category : NPC rewards. Namespaces Augmrnt Discussion. Views Read Edit Page history. This page was last modifiedDecember 13, Update Based on work by others. Attribution-ShareAlike 2. Rudolph Rightman.

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      Augment Slot is a gem socket on certain named or random items. By adding an augment into a slot, your item gains an additional effect, as long as the augment is slotted. This crafting system introduced in Update 17 replaced the two older augment systems - Epic Augments , and Guild Augments both older systems can still be used on legacy items that no longer drop in game.

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      Select new, and old items can be upgraded into powerful Epic versions by collecting rare scrolls, seals, and shards. These Epic rewards can then be further customized with Augment Crystals, permanently adding new effects to your items.

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      Augments drop randomly in level-appropriate chests, and can be bought from the DDO Store , but some if not all augments can also be bought in-game for items found or earned in the normal course of questing. Mysterious Remnants can be traded in for augments of ML

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